Japfest 2 (2013)

By Miki Cresswell

View of Japfest 2 2013

Well, what a glorious day! The JDM gods had answered our prayers and it was a scoooorcher! As the day started, apart from the weather, it wasn't going exactly to plan! Ever so slightly (extremely!) hungover and running way behind schedule, I rallied the local JDM troops and we headed off to Donington Park...

Honda Civic EK at Japfest 2 2013

No problems en route, we drove straight in and parked up and didn't have to queue for long before we entered the carnage that was Japfest 2! We walked directly to the entrance of the drift track, and stood for a few minutes to watch the absolute lunacy of all the DriftTaxi drivers going all out to give people the best '1 lap' a 10er can buy!!

Nissan GT-R R35 at Japfest 2 2013

Now stand wise, the amount of cars was phenomenal! I think just about everyone's favourite motor was on show, the only complaint I think spectators had was manufacturers being split up in parts? To me though I just had fun getting round as much of the event as possible!

Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 at Japfest 2 2013

The cars on track were going all out and putting on a great show aswell, from Evos/Scoobies right the way through to the Yaris's! Flame spitters to screamers, VTECs to VVTI's! Aaaargh!!! Get me out there!! Until finally a fellow scooby driver illustrated why it was not such a good idea for me to actually venture on track myself! My heart goes out to him after watching his Scoobs sliding off track and rolling!

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo at Japfest 2 2013

Now for a few negatives which takes nothing away from anything vehicle related... The catering was a bit of a let down; there wasn't much variety, it was all either burgers or something with chips and beans. The prices were also excessive, especially on water and drinks given it was such a hot day (disadvantage of a captive audience?).

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo at Japfest 2 2013

Another thing I heard people mention is the lack of variety in vendors. It appears that the same vendors are at every show leaving people with a lack of interest to buy, especially after their wallets have been emptied on refreshments!

Honda Civic EK9 at Japfest 2 2013

That aside, at the minute I'm so far up the JDM's backside that none of that mattered at all and to me it was a day of Japanese automotive heaven!

Toyota Supra JZA80 at Japfest 2 2013 Subaru Impreza at Japfest 2 2013 Honda S2000 at Japfest 2 2013 Honda Civic sedan at Japfest 2 2013 Time Attack Subaru Impreza at Japfest 2 2013 Toyota Supra JZA80 at Japfest 2 2013
Mazda MX5 at Japfest 2 2013 Mitsubishi GTO at Japfest 2 2013